June 12, 2024

The mobile app industry is rapidly evolving and business needs to be up to date with the latest trends to stay current and ranked.

This article summarises the major trends in mobile app development regarding what developers need to know.


The development of 5G technology would cause new trends in the development of mobile apps for 2024. Firstly, 5G can dramatically increase data transfer speed. It also reduces the delay for receiving the data. Secondly, the new mobile network will give a better network capacity. This can promote the development of mobile apps in 2024.

Anther trend is that of IoT (Internet of Things) which is emerging as a mobile application development trends. Now, smartphones can interact with other devices (smart home appliances etc) over the internet and control them remotely for convenient and secured experience.

Following advancements in technology, camera-based applications are getting more accessible. There are many apps available today where users can stream videos and form social networks. It is said that one of the best camera-based apps” TikTok has over 1.7 billion active users across the globe. These camera apps, like TikTok, provide multiple benefits when utilized in fields such as markrting, travel planning and entertainment-where it assists business individuals by promoting products or services and grow them brand and also increase the retention rate of customers for business.


Wearable apps, designed for health, fitness and entertainment gadgets, are now changing the way the fitness, health and entertainment sectors work. Wearable apps can help track workouts, monitor heart beat, respiration and other vital signs; provide personalized health recommendations; enrich the game playing experience; and indeed shopping experience–more effectively than ever before.

Companies can attract customers via apps such as TikTok which interfaces with cameras, whereas remote meetings can occur via apps such video conferencing apps.

Another interesting trend is the ‘super app’ trend. A super app provides a variety of functions within a single package and is highly popular in the Asian context, a model for which is beginning to be used in the West. Success has depended on the ability to learn from the users and build stable apps with a focus on security so that the users can have the best user experience and continue to use it, increasing the number of users and revenue for their business.

Mobile wallets

For businesses and brands, mobile wallets offer a new, effective way to reach consumers on the most widely used device – the smartphone. With wallets, marketers can physically take existing payment programs or campaigns and put them out there where customers are already using their mobile wallets on iOS and Android phones, thereby enhancing engagement for program or campaign.

Coupons, loyalty cards, event tickets, airline boarding passes, Groupons: they all work far better when stored in the mobile wallet than when shoved at the bottom of a handbag. For the consumer, the mobile-wallet experience reduces the hassle of coupon misplacement and rewards forgetfulness. And for businesses, it’s a powerful engagement tool – all while saving them the cost and bother of card distribution.

Blockchain applications are owing to create one of the fastest growing trends in mobile application development. They can be used to secure apps with tamper-proof contracts, which reduce the number of fraudulent transactions, elevate privacy issues, promote safe payment and secure networks. in addition, this technology can be used for providing user data-based recommendations with the help of AI/predictive analytics. This fact makes this technology popular among new mobile applications; just imagine how exponential this number and popularity will be. Blockchain is predicted to grow more popular than we can imagine.

Virtual and augmented reality

The development of these virtual reality and augmented reality technologies offers humans an opportunity to engage with virtual reality through mobile app development and the use of face filters, voice-commands, changing the look of their surroundings, etc., which is now very popular in gaming, education, reality shows, among many others or we can use it through wearable technologies like the Microsoft HoloLens.

Mobile users today demand convenience and this explain the rise of ‘On-demand’ apps in the mobile apps development. On demand apps are the apps by which user can order the food,allows for booking of rides or emergency services acticity without requiring access to the traditional channels of services.

These on-demand apps are also easy to utilise for saving both time and money, for customers and, especially, for companies that develop them and can also integrate them into their website improving the user’s experience.

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