July 17, 2024

ON Semiconductor has rebranded to “onsemi” to reflect the new direction of its business. The company continues to focus on its industrial and automotive end markets, while sharpening its strategy to drive disruptive innovation. Intelligent power and sensing technologies are critical to addressing the world’s increasingly complex challenges. Onsemi is the leading provider of these technologies. Read on to learn more.

The company intends to capitalize on its leadership position in the development of semiconductors and advanced technologies for power, sensing, and industrial applications. Through the acquisition of GTAT, onsemi expects to strengthen its supply chain and customer demand for its silicon carbide-based solutions. GTAT’s technical capabilities and experience in crystalline growth will benefit onsemi’s customers. The combination of these companies’ innovative technologies will expedite the commercialization of intelligent power and sensing technologies.

Smart sensors use integrated computing resources to gather information from their physical environment. The base sensor provides sensing capabilities, but an onboard microprocessor converts it to a digital form. Smart sensors also contain integrated communications capabilities, allowing them to communicate with external devices and systems. Smart sensors can monitor and control a variety of environments, including smart grids, battlefield reconnaissance, and exploration. Smart sensors can also be used for scientific research and exploration.

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